Alopecia Information 

There are many forms of Alopecia and the condition is more common than people realise. It can be very distressing but there are solutions to help people cope and make them feel fantastic.

Proper diagnoses by a Trichologist is very important so that the correct treatment can be applied. A proper diagnoses enables you to understand your condition.

I have been seeing a significant increase in Alopecia clients as people become aware of my Wig expertise and the service that I provide to people. My Clients travel from all over Victoria to seek my help.

Wig design and manufacture has changed dramatically in the last few years. The wigs I source internationally are the highest quality available. They are very light and comfortable to wear and breathable to allow air to your scalp. 

When you attend my premises together we determine the most appropriate wig to suit you. I professionally fit your wig by ascertaining your scalp type and the size style and texture of the wig that suits you.

After I have fitted your wig you will not only look great but your wig will look like natural hair. That is why I market myself as “Wigs that do not look like wigs.” 

I am here to help you feel fantastic about yourself .



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